Directed by ‘Alex & Dallas’ (Founders of Digital Giant) with Reuben Wu.


Special thanks to Tim Damon for his huge support in creating this piece.  Thanks to Caviar Content LA for their awesome help and support.


From the onset, we wanted to create a piece that combined our artistic tastes with state of the art production methodologies, and LightDrive is the realisation of that desire. With a small, close-knit crew of super talented friends and collaborators we harnessed the freedoms gifted by the latest state of the art cameras, camera cars, drones and bespoke technologies to create a piece that we hope appeals to the sci-fi junky and car enthusiast alike.


This made working with a Tesla Model S the obvious choice of vehicle. Tesla is not only a brand we identify with on all levels, it is a case of automotive fiction meeting science fact, and to drive one is to understand that the game has changed. The game has also changed for how motion productions run and we aim to be at the cutting edge.

Executive Producer

Dallas Carroll


Alex Pickup & Dallas Carroll (Digital Giant) and Reuben Wu


Eron Otcasek


Reuben Wu, Dallas Carroll, Eron Otcasek

Sound Design

Reuben Wu, Eron Otcasek

Colour Suite

Caviar Content LA

Camera Car DOP, hugely kind hero and mentor

Tim Damon

2nd Camera

Reuben Wu, Dallas Carroll, Alex Pickup

1st AC

Jeff McCoy

DIT daytime

John Rinek

Camera Rigger

Keith Sherins

Remote Control HDRi Operator

Keith Sherins

Camera Assistant

Keith Sherins

Night driver

Bryan Bagby

Motion Graphics

Christoffer Bjerre

Audio Mastering

Adam Stilson at Decade Studios

DIT & Key Grip night footage

Anthony Dias

Camera Rental

Industrial Digital


CGI VFX, Motion